Whale Watching Tour operated by the longest serving captain in Augusta.

Great start to 2022 Augusta Whale Watching Season

2022 Augusta Whale Watching Season has produced one of the best starts we have seen, the last time it was this good was the famous 2014/2015 season’s.

There is over 40,000 Humpbacks on the Western Australian coast and a large majority of them pass through Flinders Bay. These giants can grow to 17 metres and weigh over 40 ton.

They leave the food rich waters of Antarctic and begin one of the worlds longest mammal migrations of over 5000km and journey that takes 3 month to reach the warmer waters of camden Sound .

Large pods have been travelling up from the south/south east and into Flinders Bay and they use the bay to transit through and rest after battling the wild southern ocean.

We have been seeing over 20 Humpbacks a tour on Average including Large competition pods of 6 to 12 adult male Humpbacks chasing and showing of to a perspective female.

Also we have had over 12 calves born in the Bay in the last 6 weeks, some looking no bigger than a large Dolphin. Our crew at All Sea Charters wish them a safe migration in these cooler frigate waters.

Southern right whales have also started to make an appearance in the bay and which we hope to see more of of them in the coming months. These Beautiful Whales are still on the endangered list – so it is always exciting to see numbers of sightings increase each year.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard this 2022 Augusta Whale Watching Season!